Ultra Destructible Stickers

We print all types of visual on "eggshell" sticker that is impossible to remove : simple text with any font, color logo, picture or photo...
These stickers are very hard to peel off and are perfects for tags and doodles.

Feel free to contact us for any quotation request.

Our available sizes for customized stickers, choose yours :

10x10 sticker
15x10 eggshell
10x7 ud stickers
5x15 ultradestructible
5x10 eggshell sticker
5x5 ultra destructible eggshell sticker
slide udestructible

Eggshell sticker ?

exemple_1Eggshell Stickers are also known as tamper-evident, security, or ultra-destructible stickers. Once applied they only come off in very small pieces, like a poorly boiled egg. These ultradestructible stickers are extremely hard to remove, stick well and break easily.

Stickers are part of the graffiti culture since the origins of the movement; they can be put up quickly and discreetly at any time of the day. The advantage of eggshell stickers is that they can stick to any surface, including non-planar surfaces and that they are very difficult - if not impossible - to remove. Indeed, once these stickers have been applied, there is no other way to remove them except tear them into small pieces.

We print your personalized stickers with the visual of your choice.

For any request, please contact us.


How do I order ?

Select the size you want for your eggshell sticker, attach your design and choose your quantity. It's usually 500, 1000 or 2000 units.

What is included in my order ?

Your design is printed with ink on high quality ultra destructible vinyl stickers and is sent to your address.

How do I pay ?

You can pay with Paypal, Credit Card or Bank wire Transfer.

Where do you ship ?

We ship worldwide. Your order is sent via the local Post. We send you the tracking number as soon as your order has been processed.
With this number, you can check the delivery status of your oder.

How much do I pay for delivery ?

You pay nothing, it's free shipping.

What is the delivery time ?

It usually takes between 10 and 15 working days once we receive the payment.